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Forceps and others

Flexible and rigid forceps
Item numberPictureNameSpecifications
CI527Fr  Flexible scissorsΦ2x360mm
CI367Fr  Flexible biopsy forcepsΦ2x360mm
CI387Fr  Flexible foreign body forcepsΦ2x360mm
CI377Fr  Flexible grasping forcepsΦ2x360mm
CI49 Brush

Item numberPictureNameSpecifications
RI20Cutting LoopΦ1.6x360mm
RI24Coagulating electrodeΦ1.6x360mm
RI22Spike electrodeΦ1.6x360mm
RI28Shovel electrodeΦ1.6x360mm
RI57Coagulating electrode  pointedΦ1.6x360mm
M4013 Electrical cable to connect H.F electrotome
RI25 Allik evacuator with connector