Ocare endoscopes, asa high-tech enterprise, has always been devoted to design, production of RigidEndoscopes systems, together with our strong focus on customer satisfactionallowed us to gain the good reputation of a reliable supplier of user friendlyendoscope products. We are eager to continue contributing to dynamicdevelopment of rigid endoscopes by providing surgery professionals withinnovative, safe and affordable rigid endoscopes and accessories.

Product Focus

OCARE specializes in the Rigid endoscopesincluding:






Accessories( CCD Camera, Cold light Source,Monitor etc.)

With various specifications of outerdiameter from 1. 8mm to 10mm, working length from 50mm to 330mm, direction ofview 0, 12, 25, 30, 70, 90, 110 degree etc. Available in stock.

Product technology and Qualitymanagement

Working with the OEM partners from EuropeanCountries years, and consequently d the requirements of bothinternational and domestic market, OCARE products adopt advanced technologywith good advantages of high brightness, large eyeshot and high safety inCleaning and Sterilization, to  the best value endoscopes available onthe market.

OCARE has introduced the Quality ManagementSystem in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 standards. Fulfillment the abovementioned requirements and the application of modern technology guarantee thehighest quality of our products.

Marketing, Service and Distribution

OCARE sales and marketing are handled inefficient and technically advanced manner. Awlays, OCARE put strong focus onthe improvement of customer service, tightening the cooperation withinternational distributors and shortening the lead time. Order processing wassped up by introduction of the Ordering and Delivery Tracking system. Anefficient and professional team remains at your entire service to help you inthis regard.

OCARE is growing fast in international anddomestic market, We would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude tobeing one of our valued customers. Whether you have been working for years, ornewly signed up as a distributor, we would like to welcome you to our Family.